Scottish American Athletes of Central California


Weights for Height and Distance

Below are step-by-step instructions for assembeling quick and easy practice hammers.


This is a pretty easy and straight forward project.  It follows the same basic principles as the WFD and WOB but I use PVC for flexability.
First start with Schedule 80 threaded electrical PVC (48" in length) and a screw on end cap.


Use the same style weights used for WFD and WOB.
The wieghts slide right down the length of the PVC and are secured in place with Duct tape.


It isn't pretty but it holds quite well and the PVC gives the right kind of flex to simulate a rattan handle.  The overall length is only a hair over 48" which is 2" under regulation.  This will not hurt you in overall performance and can actually help because the longer the handle, the further the throw.  Train with this and expect slightly further throws in competition.

The general life expectancy of these handles is about 100 throws but at less than $3 each it is an easy and inexpensive fix.